Seaview projects in Baku

  • Seaview project in Baku
  • Seaview project in Baku
  • Seaview projects in Baku
  • Seaview project in Baku

Seaview projects in Baku

Seaview projects in Baku Elegant, 7-storey French-style building designed by Hayatland, is specially design for local experts in Baku White City.

This is the third building of Hayatland Construction in White City.

2 buildings are fully ready.

This elegant, 7-storey French-style building specifically for the Baku White City, along with local experts from HAYATLAND. Selection of the facade and roofing material by architectural requirements and technical conditions in accordance with the General Plan. In the residential complex, the two-way access to apartments corresponds to modern requirements for quality apartments – great things, large kitchens, bright guestrooms, comfortable beds and bathrooms.

French facade facade.
About 60% of the 1.1 ha area of the complex for improvement.
large children’s playground.
162 underground parking, 23 car parking places.
underground parking to the lift.
a rabatic lift with a load capacity of up to 1 ton in each block.
marble ladders and staircases.
stone walls and facade mascots.
comfortable apartments with two-side access.
the height of the ceiling is 3.3 m.
water tank and 24 hour water supply.
central power supply and generator.
gasification and individual boiler.
digital TV, internet and telephone systems.
fire safety system.
The flats are supplied with gas.
24 hour guard and surveillance cameras.
Wall-mounted cabinets in the courtyard facing courtyard.
special service balconies that are ventilated for outdoor units and boilers in the floors.


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